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its like 11:30 and i am bored out of my nuts... today is friday and i didnt have to go to school. i had that surgery yesterday... they stuck me with 4 needles that hurt like fuck... and then after about ten minutes they came in and "worked" on my toe... i couldnt feel it. well, the doctor wrapped it up and put a big smiley face on it. i guess that bastard thought i was still a little kid... amanda is at school, so is libba... i have no buddies to talk to. I love you amanda!!! i wish it was 4:00... so people would get home from school. this shit is getting on my nerves... i cant take this bandage off until tonite, and i got these strong strong pain pills called Acedimenaphine with Codine that make me feel all tingly... i think that is how you spell it. they are actually called Tylenol 3 with Codine but i just wanted to sound smart... that is the technical name. i found out how to edit my Journal today (make it look cool). it took me like 3 hours but i did it. i tried to make it look like amanda's but not completely alike. well... i am a/b to drop this and go dream about amanda... :-) i just heard one of amanda's favorite songs!!!
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