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this morning i woke up with something called a crick. it was in my neck on the right side and it hurts so bad. i could barely move my head so i told my mom i was staying at home and tried to go work it out. it is 11:07 and it is still the same and it hurts just as much as it did this morning. i am supposed to stretch my neck in the opposite direction of the crick, and it doesnt really seem to help... amanda's at school... ::cries:: i miss amanda so much. i havent talked to her since last night, and i havent seen her in 2 days!!! OMG thats a long time. i will get to see her tonite i hope. if i can work this f*ing crick out of my neck b4 5:30. eek this sucks so bad. well, i guess i will go... eat lunch or something.

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