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well, i have been grounded for exactly a week now. only a week left until my sweet beautiful angel will be lying in my arms. we are out of school all next week and i might slip a phone call or 3 to her... muahaha... i hope so. but if i get caught i will so be so dead. *screams* that would suck major ass-paragus... well, i love amanda with all of me, so i guess i can wait. if i didnt love amanda, then i probably wouldnt care, so... on with life until next friday. *pulls out Jimmy Neutron's time speeder upper* muahaha *pushes button* who... iammovingsofuckingfastohmygodthisisawesome!yearightonsonofabitch!!! *VZZZHHUUUEEMMMM* *SMASH* whoa! its friday!!! OMG this is awesome... not really. i wish... well i will talk to yall homiez later
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