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hey everyone!

wow! its definitely</font> been awhile. i havent posted since like Nov. 19. people are starting to get mad at me. me and amanda are still happy together! yay!!! ^.^ that's great. i love her more than anything in the world... she is my baby. i havent seen her since last nite... but i mite get to see her today. she is supposed to be calling me right now... but i am on the internet.... that sux. i need to get off. i dont want madness. but i will finish this real quick since i havent posted in a while. well, me and amanda have been going out 3 months 1 week and 1 day as of today. o.O that is awesome. i have never loved anyone as much as i love her. and amanda, i know i dont always say it, or sometimes i cant really find the words, but i love you like a fat kid loves cake</font>... mor than anything. you will be mine forever.
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