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We Were Meant to Be

~Sorry Amanda, I had to do it...~

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25 February
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I am Casey. I am 13 (14 in February) and my... girlfriend and girlfriends best friend told me about LiveJournal...
10 foot ledges, afi, amanda, amandas body, amandas hair, amandas hands, amandas legs, amandas titties, amandas tongue, anti-atheism, anti-drugs, anything really, anything that amanda likes, anything that's funny, ascii, atreyu, baker, bam margera, beavis and butthead, being horny, being with amanda, big ones, biking, billy madison, blue collar comedy, breaking stuff, breathing, captain crunch, causing trouble, cereal, cheech and chong, cherries, cky, coke products, computers, concerts, doing a kickflip, downloading illegal music, duct tape, dvds, fetishes, fights, fortune cookies, friends, froot loops, fruity pebbles, fuse, g-strings, girl, golden grahams, green day, green peace, guitar, guns n' roses, hair, hanging out with friends, happy gilmore, him, hippies, hugs not drugs, hurting myself, iced tea, icp, jackass, jokes, jumping off of stuff, kissing amanda, kool-aid, long hair, lynyrd skynyrd, mad tv, marshmallows, meeting new people, milk, mountain dew, movies, mtv sucks, music, nintendo, not another teen movie, not getting caught, older women (amanda), paul rodriguez, pepsi products, pinkranger07, pizza, play-doh, playing with amanda, pledge wipes, praise band, prank phone calls, rancid, red hot chili peppers, rock, rocks, saturday nite live, school sucks ass, skateboarding, smiley faces, sony playstation, south park, speaking naughty to amanda, story of the year, stupid movies, taking pictures, taking things apart, talking to amanda, the butterfly effect, the movie theaters, the sims, the smurfs, thongs, throwing rocks, tight pants, toe socks, vanilla coke, vanilla pepsi, velvet revolver, vh1, video cameras, video games, viva la bam, wild boys, writing to amanda, yellowcard