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oh my gosh!!! hahahahahmuahahah!!! you have got to check out these websites... on the first one i was literally crying. it is kinda mean but funny to read. just please, for me, dont do any of it.
1001 ways to torture a cat

this one is really funny too...
Things to do when bored

oh god this one is funny as hell-o-kitty...
Ways to annoy your neighbor

this one is alright but #10 is the funniest
How to be a pain in the ass

the first prank phone call is the only real funny one
Prank phone calls

this isnt funny really, but if someone is trying to kill your ass...
22 ways to kill a man with your hands

oh yeah this one is good
Ways to have fun

oh man if you have skipped all of these, and just thought they were dumb (except the first couple cuz they were funny as hell) you have got to read this one, it is so funny
How to fuck your school up

this one is probably 2nd best to the one b4 this one very very funny
How to piss off the lunch ladies

oh this is mean... dont do this but it is funny
A very mean thing

this whole f*ing page
No laughing matter
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