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ok... i have detention 2marro... and my dad sed that since i have got into so much trouble already this year that if i get into trouble one more time in school... he cuts my hair off!!! AAAHHHH!!!! that is so not fucking fair. ok and i am trying to find a way around this detention shit.

1. dont go
2. make up a lie and say i didnt do anything
3. tell him i have to stay after and make up work
4. go and get my hair cut

okay so if i dont go... i get wrote up and then he finds out anyway. cross out number 1. make up a lie and say i didnt do anything... its possible. but then he might call her and ask. umm... no cross that one out. tell him i have to stay after and make up work? ahh... yes... that sounds good. except i will have to forge the detention slip. i can do that. if all else fails... i will do it. and go and get a hair cut? hell no!!! i am not getting my hair cut. fuck them fight the power! anarchy! ok... so that leaves me with #3. okay... detention ends at 4:30. i will tell him i have to saty after until 5:00 and i have to make up work. i will forge the slip with my mom's name (which i can do) and BA BAM!!! i am good... ok now if nothing goes wrong. yano what? it doesnt really matter. if i do get caught i will just get #4. the same thing as any of the other ones... so basically i am in deep shit. so whatever happens happens. i love amanda. :-) her grandma cut the cord to her computer tho and she hasnt been able to get on in like a week... :-( ::cries::
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