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i am bored just sitting here. there is really nothing to do. i am listening to my mom. :-) i am looking for something to do... 45 minutes until i get to call amanda. i just tried to email her microsoft word so she can type up her essay. i've had alot of fun these past few days at school. there's a new guy named heith and we had "showed him the ropes"... me anthony and cody. he thinks we just sit at home and think of stupid stuff to do the next day. we did a whole lot of dumb stuff on monday. we had a huge marker war in ms. edmonds room which almost landed me anthony cody and heith a detention. (what bad influences we are) he almost got detention on his first day! muahaha not even i am that good. but of course me and anthony initiated it. me and cody kept beating the crap out of anthony. it was hilarious. hmm... i am still deciding what to do for amanda. i cannot say what it is on here tho because she reads this... i can keep this to myself. it will be special i hope. well... here's a list of stuff i wish i could be doing right now.

  • talking to amanda
  • IMing amanda
  • watching a movie with amanda
  • skateboarding
  • playing in the rain
  • doing stupid stuff with anthony and cody
  • being with amanda
  • telling amanda how much i love her
  • anything that has to do with amanda
  • bombing afghanistan... (amanda that one was for you)

ok... well that was probably boring. amanda will get that last one! hehehe... she will probably laugh her butt off. well i am getting bored with this. going to think about amanda...

amanda i love you...

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