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hehe amanda's survey

:x: Time = 6:43PM
:x: Tattoos = none yet
:x: Piercings = left ear
:x: Height= 5'9 1/2
:x: Shoe size = 10 1/2, 11
:x: Hair color = dark brown almost black
:x: Eye color = shit color
:x: Siblings = a sister
:x: Status = single... haha jk amanda

:x: Movie you rented = the grudge
:x: Movie you last bought= the butterfly effect
:x: CD you bought/burned = sum 41 chuck
:x: Song you listened to = thunderstruck acdc
:x: T.V. show you've watched = 100 greatest rock bands
:x: thing you bought = dum dum sucker

:x: You wish you could live somewhere else? in amandas house
:x: Others find you attractive = not to be conceited but...
:x: You want more piercings = yea only a few
:x: You like cleaning = elno
:x: You like roller coasters = yea
:x: You write cursive or print = print i could write cursive if i tryed
:x: Long distance relationships work= mine does
:x: Teenage smoking = ok
:x: driving drunk = i agree, Not cool
:x: Ever cried over a girl = yes
:x: Ever cried over a boy = oh yea i am a guy and i cried over a guy, yea right
:x: Ever lied to someone. = yeah
:x: Ever been arrested = umm...i dont remember i was drunk jk

:x: Shampoo do you use = shit... no jk umm... pantene pro-v right now
:x: Shoes do you wear = emerica adio
:x: Are you scared of = ...i dont really know

:x: Of hearts I have broken?probably 2 or 3
:x: Of people I could trust with my life: 4
:x: Of scars on my body = like 5 or 6
:x: Of things in my past that I regret? nothing really

Do you think you are:
:x: Funny = yea
:x: Loveable = yea
:x: Caring = yea
:x: Dorky = when im with my friends

:x: 4 letter word: sexy
:x: Actor/Actress: adam sandler/drew barrymore
:x: Color(s): pink

Person who last:
:x: Slept in your bed: amanda... and me
:x: Yelled at you: amanda
:x: Sent you an email: amanda

Have you ever:
:x: Said "I love you"= yes
:x: Kept a secret from everyone. = yes
:x: Cried during a movie= no
:x: Planned your week based on the TV Guide: no
:x: Wished you were the opposite sex? yea so i could stare at myself in the mirror
:x: What time is it now?: 6:50
:x: Apples or bananas? bananas
:x: Walmart or target?: walmart

:x: Spring or Fall?: fall
:x: What are you gonna do after you finish this?: call amanda

:x: Noise you heard?: amandas trap
:x: Smell you sniffed?: amanda farted
:x: Time you went out of state?: when i went to florida last summer

:x: Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
:x: Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: 2 or 3
:x: Most important thing to you in a friendship is? time together and being able to talk

Other Info:
:x: Criminal record?: no
:x: Do you speak any other languages?: no
:x: Last book you read: casey at the bat
:x: Who you love: amanda
:x: How old do you look? 14 or 15... 16 naked
:x: How old do you act?: older, younger whichever i feel like
:x: Pets: 2 dogs
:x: What makes you happy?: amanda

Have You Ever:
:x: Thought you were going to die: yes
:x: Wanted to Run away: yea
:x: Flunked a grade: nah
:x: Ran away: no
:x: Skipped a grade: no
:x: Gotten drunk: no
:x: Been in jail: no
:x: Contacted the police: yea i prank called 'em like 40 times and they came to my house
:x: Smoked: yea
:x: Drank: yeah
:x: Been suspended: yup
:x: Stolen Anything: yea
:x: Cheated On A Test: yea
:x: Been In The Hospital: yea.
:x: Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yes
:x: Fell asleep in the bath: no
:x: Gone to Church: yes
:x: Never slept during the night: yep
:x: Been to camp: no
:x: Didn't wash your hair: yes
:x: Been in a earthquake: no
:x: Been in a tornado: yeah
:x: Screamed at someone: yes.
:x: Been attacked: yeah
:x: Stayed on the phone for over 3 hours: yes
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